Party Platters (3)

Party Platters!

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Wild. Local. Florida Shrimp.

Small Platter– 2# serves 6-10
Large Platter — 4# serves 16-20


White shrimp Platter             SM $45   LG $85
White shrimp are our most popular shrimp. They are firm and have a mild shrimp flavor. This platter uses a 21/30ct shrimp.

Brown shrimp Platter                SM $45   LG $85
Brown shrimp are full of shrimp flavor. They are firm, robust and do not need any type of seasoning since they are packed with flavor. This platter uses a 21/30ct shrimp.

Royal Red shrimp Platter          SM $45   LG $85
Royal Reds are truly some of the most unique species in Florida. They are a deep-water shrimp with a salty-sweetness and tenderness unlike any other shrimp you have tried. This platter uses a 21/30ct shrimp.

Rock shrimp Platter                   SM $45   LG $85
Rock shrimp. These lobster-like shrimp are sweet, firm and are cooked with the shell on for maximum flavor. This platter uses a 36/40ct shrimp.

Sampler shrimp Platter_           SM $52   LG $89
Can’t decide on a platter? Why not have all of our shrimp! All varieties on one platter for your guests to truly experience the different tastes of the local bounty. The species of shrimp will vary according to seasonal catch and this platter can contain between 3 – 5 different species.



Customized party platters available too! Just tell us what you are interested in and we will make it happen for you, just ask one our fishmongers or sales associates.