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Wild Ocean Seafood Market works tirelessly to make sure the seafood we offer is the freshest possible. Out of the water, into the boat, and directly into a box that’s shipped right to your door. Whether it’s tender fish filets or succulent shrimp, our seafood is as close as you can get to the wharf without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even send seafood to your friends and family as gifts! And if you’re not sure what to send—why not send a Wild Ocean Gift Certificate?

Harvesting our seafood from the nutrient-rich oceans, we work closely with our fisherman and avoid a farm-raised product whenever possible. We use state-of-the-art packaging and gel-pack cooling technology to ensure that our seafood remains fresh and unspoiled all the way from the ocean to your front door.

How Shipping Works


We are so confident that our system works that if for whatever reason you should experience a shipping problem we will offer you a complete refund of your order or an immediate replacement of your requested products, market availability permitting. For more information on our guarantee, see our complete Freshness Guarantee. Or, read on, and learn how our shipping process works.


How does our seafood stay so fresh as it travels all the way from different US ports to your home? We use air-tight, expanded polystyrene (EPS) shipping containers which provide for temperature assurance and breakage protection. The food is kept cold with patented gel-pack technology. The gel-packs offer a cool alternative to ice, never melting and able to “hold the cold” for several days.


Seafood is very perishable food and therefore we ask that someone be available to receive the shipment from Wild Ocean upon delivery, or shortly after. Please ensure the exact mailing address for your order as we cannot guarantee product that our shipper was unable to deliver. While your seafood order is packed with ample refrigerant to keep it fresh for several days under normal weather conditions, if the package is left unattended, we cannot guarantee that your seafood will remain in good condition.

Upon receipt of your Wild Ocean Seafood Market order, we recommend that you unpack and store the contents in a freezer or refrigerator (as appropriate) as soon as possible to maintain freshness.

How Ordering Works

Ordering the ocean’s freshest seafood has never been easier. Wild Ocean has taken every precaution to ensure your online seafood purchase is secure. However, if you would prefer to order by phone, please contact us at (866) WILD-OCEAN during telephone business hours. However, should you choose to use our fully featured website for your seafood ordering needs, the information below is offered with the intent of helping you do so.


Simply browse our Market Foods and write down each item you would like, the quantities, and other requests you might have. To make things easier, we’ve provided an online order form below!


After selecting all you seafood favorites, ready your order information. Please have your credit card, billing contact information, and shipping contact information ready. Then contact us with your order:

  • Fill out the online order form.
  • Call with your order toll-free +1 (866) WILD-OCEAN.

Upon receiving your order, we will provide you with shipping information. We recommend for most orders a standard 2-day shipping. For more information on the different types of shipping available, please see our section on “How Shipping Works.”


We accept all major credit cards as payment for your Wild Ocean Seafood order.


Because of the seasonal nature of wild-caught fresh seafood, occasionally a product will become unavailable after an order is placed. This can be due to the limited supply of our products or the weather conditions where a product is caught. Should this happen, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss substituting the out-of-stock item with another item, removing the item altogether, and, if necessary, changing the delivery timing.


We ship all orders either 2-day shipping or overnight. To ensure freshness, we are not able to ship over weekends. Saturday delivery is available on all orders for an additional fee. Orders received after 5:00 pm EST, Sunday through Thursday, will be shipped the following business day. So, for example, if you place your order on Tuesday before 5:00 pm EST, you will receive your order on Thursday morning of the same week. Orders received after 5:00 pm EST will be shipped a day later. In addition you may also specify a different delivery date. We understand that sometimes you are in a rush and that is why, for an additional fee, we offer a rush service so that your package can get to you as soon as possible. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

Item Description

Shipping Same as billing

Shipping Options

 2nd Day ($55-$80) Next Day ($75-$115) FL Ground ($15-$30) FL Next Day ($75-$115) Saturday Delivery (+$15) Titusville In-Store Pickup ($0) Port Canaveral In-Store Pickup ($0)

Special Instructions

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